Kenji Anderson Senior Recital Concert Preview

Kenji Anderson Concert Preview It's not often that you see classical concert programs aim to reflect the sensibilities of pop music — nor do you find these examinations of ideas populated by artists such as Billie Eilish and Mitski be approached with nuance in the themes reflected within their songs. Fourth-year pianist Kenji Anderson, set… Continue reading Kenji Anderson Senior Recital Concert Preview

A Beautiful Mashup of Talent: Sehrea N’Dayu’s Junior Recital

By Reggie Goudeau Sehréa N’dayu (she/they) astounded audience members with a creative, healing, and engaging performance at Oberlin’s Cat in the Cream on March 9th.  Opening with “The Siren Song,” pianist Leo Wurgaft played a beautiful melody with guitarist Archer Parks before N’dayu and the other vocalists approached the stage. These “sirens” included Gabi Allemana,… Continue reading A Beautiful Mashup of Talent: Sehrea N’Dayu’s Junior Recital