Samuel Hoffacker Dazzles in Senior Recital

Samuel Hoffacker’s senior recital was a chaotic spectrum of emotion. Using a variety of percussion instruments, he performed a spectacular array of compositions ranging from early classical to electroacoustic Latin rock. The performance was a patchwork quilt of tempo, volume, and energy.  The grandiose nature of Warner Concert Hall starkly contrasted the 30-people in attendance,… Continue reading Samuel Hoffacker Dazzles in Senior Recital

The Bleary Radicalism of Billy Woods’ Aethiopes

From the very first moments of Aethiopes, it feels like the walls are closing in. Outside, there is a gated fortress, with galvanized steel security fences and cameras adorning the towering brick structure. Inside, his mother is breaking plates as his parents argue. He thinks his neighbor might be Mengistu Haile Mariam, whose regime in… Continue reading The Bleary Radicalism of Billy Woods’ Aethiopes

Kassa Overall Sees Jazz’s Future at the ‘Sco

Even before Kassa Overall and his all-star backing band stepped onto the stage at the Dionysus Disco, the atmosphere in the basement of Wilder Hall on April 12 was — much like the humid weather outside — warm and crackling with electricity.  The prior hour had seen Oberlin’s own DJ Kopano on the decks, delivering… Continue reading Kassa Overall Sees Jazz’s Future at the ‘Sco

Haley Heynderickx Chooses Not To Go Bowling

At first glance, Mahall’s in Lakewood does not look like a concert venue. A Frankensteinian combination of bar, bowling alley, vintage shop, and performance space, there’s a lot to take in once you step in the front door. The concert venue itself is in a side room set apart from the lively bar and boisterous… Continue reading Haley Heynderickx Chooses Not To Go Bowling

Digital Damage is Revolutionary and Stationary

Emma Beko creates an eclectic mix of sounds that defy categorization. Hailing from Montreal, Beko launched her solo career in the middle of the pandemic after leaving the  acclaimed genre-bending hip-hop duo, Heartstreets. Since then, she has released two solo projects. Her most recent is an efficient, 6 track EP called Digital Damage. Unlike most… Continue reading Digital Damage is Revolutionary and Stationary

Nobody is Listening by ZAYN Album Review: Indeed, Nobody is Listening

Early success has its pitfalls.  It’s not always easy to feel like you’re growing as an artist when you reach such dazzling heights before you leave puberty. For much of his career, ZAYN (formerly Zayn Malik) was accustomed to record-breaking hits, sold-out stadiums, and delirious fans. After he left the boyband One Direction in 2015,… Continue reading Nobody is Listening by ZAYN Album Review: Indeed, Nobody is Listening