Review: Akron Symphony ‘Global Circus’

By Malcolm Bamba ‘One ticket for the Global Circus’ — a program which was brought to life by the Akron Symphony on Saturday, February 25th at E.J. Thomas Hall through the trapezing movements of a regional orchestra seeking to celebrate the musics of Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, and Brazil. ‘Come one, come all’ ASO music director… Continue reading Review: Akron Symphony ‘Global Circus’

Review: Claire O’Brocta’s TIMARA Recital of Terror and Triumph 

By Reginald Goudeau It’s hard to predict what you will experience at an Oberlin TIMARA recital. Oberlin TIMARA recitals and the advertising for the one on February 24 gave no hints other than to say, “A senior recital presented by Claire O'Brocta.”  Upon entering the Cat in the Cream, audience members heard Jigsaw, the antagonist… Continue reading Review: Claire O’Brocta’s TIMARA Recital of Terror and Triumph 

Review: Oberlin Jazz Faculty Concert

By Max Newman Nothing brings out feelings of bliss quite like a performance of live jazz. These displays, when performed with exceptional proficiency, soothe the soul. For those who funneled into Finney Chapel on the evening of February 19, the Oberlin Jazz Faculty concert that they were about to witness would have this effect, and… Continue reading Review: Oberlin Jazz Faculty Concert