Ian Ashby Sets the Baseline For Senior Recital

Ian Ashby’s senior recital at the Birenbaum on Tuesday May 24th was as warm and inviting as his personality. The intimate basement venue was packed with close family and friends celebrating a lifetime of creating music. The jazz bassist started off with a classic, “All The Things You Are”, by Jerome Kern, which he described… Continue reading Ian Ashby Sets the Baseline For Senior Recital

Bridging the Gap: An Exploration of Hip-Hop Greatness

Like all music, hip-hop is constantly evolving stylistically and lyrically. However, in recent years rap has become progressively more mainstream, and now is the dominant genre in the music industry. Though this increase in popularity is exciting for hip-hop fans, it does not come without a downside. With this shift into the mainstream, more and… Continue reading Bridging the Gap: An Exploration of Hip-Hop Greatness

Samuel Hoffacker Dazzles in Senior Recital

Samuel Hoffacker’s senior recital was a chaotic spectrum of emotion. Using a variety of percussion instruments, he performed a spectacular array of compositions ranging from early classical to electroacoustic Latin rock. The performance was a patchwork quilt of tempo, volume, and energy.  The grandiose nature of Warner Concert Hall starkly contrasted the 30-people in attendance,… Continue reading Samuel Hoffacker Dazzles in Senior Recital

Digital Damage is Revolutionary and Stationary

Emma Beko creates an eclectic mix of sounds that defy categorization. Hailing from Montreal, Beko launched her solo career in the middle of the pandemic after leaving the  acclaimed genre-bending hip-hop duo, Heartstreets. Since then, she has released two solo projects. Her most recent is an efficient, 6 track EP called Digital Damage. Unlike most… Continue reading Digital Damage is Revolutionary and Stationary

Benny The Butcher Paves His Own Lane to Stardom on Tana Talk 4

If there’s one word that describes Benny The Butcher’s rapping style, it’s consistency. For years, he’s been a staple of Griselda Records’ old-school lyricism alongside his cousins Westside Gunn and Conway the Machine. Together, they form the core of what is arguably the most adept 90’s-style hip-hop group since Death Row Records. Benny and his… Continue reading Benny The Butcher Paves His Own Lane to Stardom on Tana Talk 4 

Immersive Faculty Recital Leaves Viewers Confused But Intrigued

On Saturday February 26th, bassoonist Dana Jessen and electronics engineer Eli Stine showcased their faculty duet at Stull Recital Hall. The performance was a cavalcade of lights and sounds designed to immerse the audience in a visceral journey.  Rather than featuring multiple works, the performance consisted of a continuous experience lasting forty-five minutes. Using a… Continue reading Immersive Faculty Recital Leaves Viewers Confused But Intrigued