Haley Heynderickx Chooses Not To Go Bowling

At first glance, Mahall’s in Lakewood does not look like a concert venue. A Frankensteinian combination of bar, bowling alley, vintage shop, and performance space, there’s a lot to take in once you step in the front door. The concert venue itself is in a side room set apart from the lively bar and boisterous… Continue reading Haley Heynderickx Chooses Not To Go Bowling

Nobody is Listening by ZAYN Album Review: Indeed, Nobody is Listening

Early success has its pitfalls.  It’s not always easy to feel like you’re growing as an artist when you reach such dazzling heights before you leave puberty. For much of his career, ZAYN (formerly Zayn Malik) was accustomed to record-breaking hits, sold-out stadiums, and delirious fans. After he left the boyband One Direction in 2015,… Continue reading Nobody is Listening by ZAYN Album Review: Indeed, Nobody is Listening

Adam Murphy’s Senior Recital This Weekend

Adam Murphy, center, plays violin in his Senior Recital Nobody saw violinist’s Adam Murphy’s junior recital in the spring of 2021.“I was the only person whose live stream didn’t work,” Murphy said. Instead, he had to send a recording to his family and friends. Still, Murphy didn’t mind. “It was nice and intimate. I don’t… Continue reading Adam Murphy’s Senior Recital This Weekend

Haley Heynderickx Returns to Northeast Ohio

When Haley Heynderickx first played at Oberlin’s Finney Chapel in April of 2019, it was a religious experience. Her skilled fingerpicking on guitar and ethereal voice held the audience spellbound. Her wry remarks and slightly awkward demeanor was a hit with students, who felt they had stumbled upon a kindred spirit.  Like nearly all musicians,… Continue reading Haley Heynderickx Returns to Northeast Ohio

Francesca dePasquale Sparkles During Fridays at Finney: Concert Review

by Nina Auslander-Padgham Wearing a bright turquoise dress and sparkly cowboy boots, violinist Francesca DePasquale dominated the stage of Finney Chapel even before she began playing in Samuel Coleridge-Taylor’s Concerto in G Minor. When the faculty violinist first entered in the “Allegro Maestoso,” her full-bodied sound soared to the back of the large chapel. Her… Continue reading Francesca dePasquale Sparkles During Fridays at Finney: Concert Review