Yaoyuan Pu and Qi Qi’s Junior Recital Concert Review

By Ariana Cervantes

On Thursday, March 2nd, Yaoyuan Pu and Qi Qi played their Junior Recital in Warner Concert Hall, showcasing their piano skills on a beautiful Thursday night. They presented different pieces, yet both demonstrated precision and intricacy. The night was full of suspense, leaving the audience at the edge of their seats. 

Pu began with Chopin’s “Sonata No. 3.” A melodic piece, painting the picture of a ballet dancer. A highlight of the night was the first movement, Allegro, maestoso, every note mesmerizing as the crescendo continued to evoke sadness. There was a sense of intentional roughness in the piece, making it seem like Pu was telling a dramatic love story. Yet, even with the striking tale being told, the piece felt unified at the end. 

The Scherzo was a fast-paced piece filled with surprises. Softer notes were significant, as they moved quickly towards powerful notes, creating a Tom and Jerry feeling. Pu’s body language reflected passion as well — the more thrilling the music became, the more we saw his body in motion. 

Pu wasn’t the only person to shine that night, so did Qi as soon as she walked into the Concert Hall wearing a fuschia dress, centering the focus on herself. Her dress choice was intentional as she began the recital with a subtle, moving performance of Maurice Ravel’s “Miroirs.” 

Throughout the performance of Noctuelles, one could hear the musical momentum at her fingertips, creating different tones and emotions — some were softer and others darker. 

Another highlight of Qi’s performance of the third movement, Un barque sur l’ocean, which made a connection between her ballroom dress and the music. There was a series of notable blending moments of lighter and darker notes that created a harmonious and royal-like feeling. During a series of repetition, we could see Qi’s hands playing the same notes filled with brightness. It was almost like Qi’s hands were dancing with the ballroom ballad. 

Both Pu and Qi brought passion to their performances, making for an enjoyable and moving night.

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