Concert Review: Julia Buettner’s Junior Recital 

By Ariana Cervantes

On Saturday, April 8th, at Warner Concert Hall, Julia Buettner presented their Junior Recital from well-known classical compositions to popular musical songs, demonstrating their well-rounded trumpet playing. For the first three works of the recital, it was accompanied by pianist James Howsmon who complemented Beuttner’s trumpet playing. Through both of their performances, a sense of warmth was felt in the room. The collaboration was a perfect match for the beautiful, sunny day.  

Arthur Honegger’s “Intrada” was a balance between soft and dark tones gradually getting higher — similar to going up a flight of stairs. Howsmon harmonized with Beuttner’s playing, creating a layered feel to the piece. There also was a sense of playfulness, with each movement of Buettner’s fingers creating a liveliness with the trumpet. This sense of excitement was created by the faster tempo in the piece, which had Buettner play delicately to ensure each note was hit accurately. Gentleness can also be high-spirited. 

Vladimir Peskin’s “Concerto No.1” featured various experiences throughout the three movements. Upon first listening, we are hit once again with the combination of the trumpet and the piano, creating a sense of smoothness through the various notes, which sounded like they were moving in a circular fashion — almost an 8D listening experience. Andante sostenuto, dolce amorso was a fun, inviting piece. Buettner and Howsmon continued to trade musical lines off one another. Buettner with their strong and quick-paced notes, and Howsmon with his intricate and light crescendo passages created a joyous tone. Was this Buettner’s way to call us to dance? It seemed like it as one could see audience members bobbing and swaying their heads along with the music. 

Dwight Stone’s “Pastorale” felt like a continuation of the chemistry that existed between Buettner and Howsmon. The piece was almost like a conversation between the two with several elements that created a peaceful mood in the room. Through the tranquility with both the trumpet and the piano, the piece was moving and inviting. As a whole, illustrating the image of love. 

For the final piece, Beuttner was joined by Alex Ayoub (trumpet), Ester Orlov-Meyer (French horn), Maya Sagarin (trombone), and Sam Russ (tuba), in “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story. As soon as collaborators entered Warner, they were snapping their fingers to create the pulse in the music — already giving us a glimpse of the cheerfulness we were about to witness. Buettner and Ayoub created the melodious feel, while Orlov-Meyer, Sagarin, and Russ supplied the upbeat and happiness with their jumpy notes. 

The idea of collaboration shone through in all of the pieces. The performers brought their individual skills together to make the perfect recital for Beuttner, demonstrating how collaboration is a beautiful thing.

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