Rauw Alejandro Sabe Que El Cielo No Es El Límite

By Ariana Cervantes

On his recent album, Rauw Alejandro shows us that the party scene does not end here on Earth, it extends to the planet Saturno. From the outer space theme to the samples to the features, Rauw is giving us a glimpse to his creative side, a side we have never yet had a chance to meet. Now on a new planet, Rauw has the galaxy at his fingertips — being the one to guide us on his club adventures. 

Released in November 2022, Saturno’s 18 tracks include interludes and a skit. He features up and coming artists like Lyanno and Chris Palace, in addition to legends in the reggaeton community like Baby Rasta, Subelo NEO, DJ Playero, and Daddy Yankee. Each artist helps Rauw combine his culture with his celestial theme, an unusual duo executed with perfect precision. With its heavy 70s – 90s synths and the disco beats, Saturno is almost like a blast from the past with a touch of today. 

In “Punto 40,” Rauw opens our eyes to the nightlife on Saturno, sampling Baby Rasta’s original song. Welcoming our ears, a horn-like instrument and a techy- vibrational sound moves into a consistent drum beat. Here, you can feel Rauw’s march into the club — where he is let in effortlessly, no wait in line necessary. As the song progresses into the chorus, he starts dancing on his own and the tuba is brought back, making this part of the song distinct from the rest. Rauw is the star of the night, and in “Punto 40,” he makes that apparent. 

In each of his releases, Rauw Alejandro drops all songs, except one, labeling it as “LOADING.” The later release of a surprise song is a signature move of his. On this album, “Panties y Brasieres” was a definite surprise as Rauw brought the Father of Reggateon, Daddy Yankee, with him to space. Even Daddy Yankee’s bars were unexpected as he sampled himself, a unique and strategic move from the Father himself, to remind everyone who he is and what he represents. Throughout the song, we are brought to a wild night in the club with Rauw back in 1979 with The Weather Girls. But instead of “It’s Raining Men,” it’s raining panties and bras and Rauw and Daddy Yankees are the reasons why. 

“Corazon Despeinado” shows us a realistic view of young adult relationships. They’re confusing. In Rauw’s case, he is stuck in a situationship with a woman he wants one day, but the next he doesn’t. He’s confused. She’s confused. Both are walking red flags, yet they still return to one another. Tienen “corazones despeinados.”  With a fast-paced beat filled with plenty of high hats, drums, and disco-techy buttons, there is his real-life partner, Rosalia, singing the background vocals, demonstrating the confusion that exists in his mind. 

“Dime Quien” finds Rauw discovering his situationship, after seeing her BeReal with someone else. He is devastated, but the music is still upbeat, moving through the keyboard and bass. All Rauw wants to know is who took her from him. Towards the middle of the song, the music softens, but the disco-type beat with the synths continues. Even though Rauw’s words exhibit a sense of loss, the music displays happy liveliness, almost like he is dancing through the pain she has caused him. 

Finally, in his memorable hit “De Carolina,” Rauw pays homage to his home city in Puerto Rico, sampling Maicol & Manuel. In this danceable club hit, Rauw reminds us of the pride he has for his community. Through the snares, high hats, and 808 beats, the music paints the image of a fun night in Carolina — a night of adventures. 

Rauw is a trendsetter. He experimented with synth-heavy tech in “Todo de Ti” in Vice Versa and gradually began to drop more songs with these unique sounds. Saturno is the living epitome of how far an idea can take you. This is Rauw Alejandro — a fresh creative force in the reggaeton community.

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